USA's moronity

Τα παρακάτω είναι σχόλια απο το forum ενός site που μου τράβηξαν το ενδιαφέρον και δείχνει την άποψη ενός αμερικάνου για τον κόσμο:

pena402: Obrigado amigo. Grande download. chris 1645: Wow one of those words was english well done i guess ur one of the 500 thousand illegal immigrants who gets into this country every year!! Dpasquill: Registered just to reply to this tool. Wanna bet he is American. Too clueless to know that not just Americans use the internet. "get into this country" rofl. The internet is not a country, nor is english the official language you noob, get over yourself. Never occurs to you that people who speak more than one language make you look like the hillbilly hick you are. Go breed more with your siblings genius. Umhoover: Please keep your hatred to yourself Sabreist: All three of your assumptions are wrong. first, there are computers around the world connected to the world wide web (just in case you didn't know thats what the triple w suffix in most urls.) not just in the united states of america. second, the words he used are not spanish. they are portugues. only two countries have significant portugues speaking populations: portugal and brazil. niether of which are in the to twentyfive highest countries of origin for immigrants illegal or otherwise to the united states. lastly, the united states had no official language or languages. the difficulty in choosing english is the countries cultural diversity and history. it is estimated that in a few years 40 percent of the usa population will be speaking spanish. 50 percent of the current usa territory was originally spanish. So it would be poitless yet again to assume. the only answer it ignorance is education. E_liten: Thouché

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